Hi, I’m Kim Goodling, shepherdess, knitter, fiber artist, homeschooling mom, wife, christian, and innkeeper. Grab your knitting, and come on over for a cup of tea.

Kim Goodling
Kim and Kai

My husband and I moved to Vermont early in our marriage to bask in rural living and God’s beautiful creation. We started a small homestead with a large garden, a few hens, and three small children running barefoot in the field. Soon after purchasing our first four sheep, we began looking for a farm with outbuildings, a place to store hay, and a place for sheep to get in out of the weather and to lay their lambs. That’s when Vermont Grand View Farm became home to our family of five.

Sheep entered my life in the middle of a “mid-life crisis”. It was one of those times when you say to your husband that you want to live a good, full life-one with no regrets-one filled with “dreams come true”-one where you work the land with your hands and feed your family from the soil. A life where you recognize God’s calling to be a good steward, a shepherd over all he has blessed you with, as He is our shepherd.

Since then, I have learned much about shepherding, wool, and fiber art. We began with a flock of Romney sheep, and in 2014, we added Vermont’s first flock of Gotland sheep to our farm! Through 10 years of living with sheep, I have learned much about life. Through Living With Gotlands, I want to share with you all the life lessons my sheep have taught me, from knitting, to  homesteading, to border colllies, to fiber art, to caring for my flock, to sharing our farm with others wanting to choose the good-full life with no regrets.

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