The Dance of the Shearer

Shearing-an annual ritual on every sheep farm-where sheep fall still in the hands of the shearer and wool falls to the floor in thick blankets. Shearer works with confidence and ease, talking to the sheep as clippers buzz, balancing between knees and carefully placed feet. Ewe sits, completely trusting the hands of the shearer. Onlookers wonder at the rhythm of … Read More

A Good Time to Finish Projects

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Only one word describes our weekend weather…brutal. The temperatures dipped well below zero bringing wind chills to minus 40-60 degrees. Needless to say-I stayed indoors. Days like this provide a good time to finish projects. Sitting by a sunny window with my cup of tea, I finished my Gotland sheep rug hooking project I shared last week at KCCO.  All that … Read More

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