A Day in My Barn Studio

  Two Christmas knitting projects sit in the basket on the table in front of me. One is 3/4 finished, the other 3/4 unfinished. Both for my college kids who keep looking longingly at my knitting needles in hopes that I will finish their gifts in time for them to take them back to college. So, I have no business … Read More

The Mystery Behind Gotland Gray Curls

  Part of the reason I went to Gotland, Sweden was to learn about the mystery behind the beautiful Gotland gray curls of wool. Gotland sheep in Sweden are known as, Pälsfår, or pelt sheep. Shepherds raise their sheep primarily for their pelts, which command a high price. Every shepherd we visited sold their lamb pelts in their own farm stores … Read More

Sharing a Passion for Felting

I just spent three amazing days in a church basement with 11 other women and one fiber art teacher, Jean Gauger. Northeast Fiber Arts sponsored the workshop, providing sustenance midday, and camaraderie. Through Jean’s instruction, a few yards of colorful silk, and a pile of soft merino roving, we each completed a nuno felted shawl. But this class was about … Read More

Nuno Felted Floral Vest

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When I can’t sleep at night….I think about felting projects. This project has been on my mind for several months ~ a nuno felted floral vest. Yesterday, I could not resist the sun was shining through the fiber studio windows. It was calling to me to come and spend the afternoon felting.  I thought I would join Nicole at Frontier … Read More

Needle Felting Soothes the Soul

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Amidst the many spring chores that needed tending to, my daughter and I crept away to the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival a couple weekends ago. I had not been to that festival in several years, and my husband was game to tackle the “to do” list on his own for a day. My daughter and I spent our … Read More

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