A Shawl for a Shepherd Friend

Joining Ginny this week  for Yarn Along to share a story about a shawl for a shepherd friend. It seems fitting that as I have been knitting the past two weeks, I have also been reading a book titled The Art and Science of Shepherding, as I have been knitting a gift for a shepherding friend. (The book deserves its own … Read More

Demystifying Picking Up Stitches in Your Knitting

Joining Yarn Along and KCCO this week  to share my knitting. Picking up stitches for sleeves and necklines can be daunting and met with hours of frustration. With a few helpful hints, and a little planning, the task is not so intimidating. Basically, you need to first, calculate the number of stitches needed to be picked up, and then space … Read More