The Natural Instincts of Border Collies

Border collies just instinctively know how to work sheep, right? Wrong. It is true that border collies have particular instincts which help them work with sheep and make them trainable, but they are not born already knowing how to work with a shepherd. The Border Collie Rescue website explains the natural instincts of the border collie: The herding instinct in … Read More

The Mystery Behind Gotland Gray Curls

  Part of the reason I went to Gotland, Sweden was to learn about the mystery behind the beautiful Gotland gray curls of wool. Gotland sheep in Sweden are known as, Pälsfår, or pelt sheep. Shepherds raise their sheep primarily for their pelts, which command a high price. Every shepherd we visited sold their lamb pelts in their own farm stores … Read More

Gotland Island-Home to the Curly Sheep

Today, we fly from Frankfurt, Germany to Stockholm, Sweden. From there, we take a short flight across the Baltic Sea to Gotland Island-home to the curly sheep. I have arranged to meet with shepherds on Gotland, whose flocks of sheep carry the same genetics that are in my own flock of Gotlands in the United States. I will also attend … Read More

Ask the Shepherd~Livestock Guardian Animals Part III~ Guard Llamas

Guard Llamas This post ends a series on livestock guardian animals. We have interviewed shepherds who use miniature donkeys and shepherds who use livestock guardian dogs, and today, I will share some thoughts on guard llamas. We have one guard llama who lives with our sheep year round on our farm. Since bringing her to VT Grand View Farm, we … Read More

Three Pizza Recipes From Our Wood-Fired Oven

My husband is a good sport. He married a visionary, and I am not sure he fully understood what that meant when he married me.  I constantly look at things from a different viewpoint than most other people. I tend to see the potential in something, and have a vision for what it could be.  About five years ago, I … Read More

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