Where is My Lamb?

“Baa….baaa…..baaaa,” rings out across the field. The ewes intensify their call if I happen to be within their sight. Their complaints ring loud and clear and my heart feels their concern. This weekend, we separated the lambs from their moms and several lambs left for their new homes. Contrary to the old saying that “sheep are not smart”, our ewes … Read More

A Shepherd’s Cabinet

When I think about the first time we brought sheep to our farm, I have to laugh. We had no fence and only a small three sided shelter for them. We bought some used portable flexible netting to contain them until we could put up a more permanent fence. All we owned in terms of “sheep supplies”, were a pair … Read More

One Skein of Yarn and One Pair of Knitting Needles-Cables

I am constantly amazed at how one skein of yarn and a pair of knitting needles connects lives across generations and across cultures. For centuries, women have shared and passed on their knitting skills. For generations, especially in colder climates, young girls were required to learn how to knit. Their families relied upon the woolen mittens, hats, and sweaters for … Read More

Drop Spindles, Skein Winders, and Knitting Needles

  The 8 children and 5 moms who attended Sheep & Wool Camp at our farm in late July spent five days playing with drop spindles, skein winders, knitting needles, and wool. Families from as far away as New York City and as close as Brookfield, VT became immersed in farm life and fiber arts for an entire week. Camp … Read More

A Community of Supporters

It was exactly a year ago that our border collie puppy, Tess, was diagnosed with OCD (Osteochondritis dissecans). OCD is a disease of the cartilage that affects the shoulder joint. Tess was put on restricted activity and was seen by 4 different vets and had numerous x-rays to determine the extent of damage to her cartilage. She was also put … Read More

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