Felting with Gotland Curls

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Our dear friend and felt artist, Jenny Hill, visited with us for a couple of days after attending the Felter’s Fling.  Jenny came to our farm three years ago as an intern, to learn as much as she could about homesteading and living off the land, and she left a fiber artist, specializing in felting. With one 2 hour session … Read More

Pass the Black Currant Jam Please

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Anticipating my impending “empty nest”, I began reducing the size of our vegetable garden a few years ago. The first year, I planted blueberry bushes in a large section of the garden. The next year, I put in black and red currant bushes. With children setting off across the globe, I no longer needed to grow food for a family … Read More

Needle Felting Soothes the Soul

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Amidst the many spring chores that needed tending to, my daughter and I crept away to the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival a couple weekends ago. I had not been to that festival in several years, and my husband was game to tackle the “to do” list on his own for a day. My daughter and I spent our … Read More

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