The Shepherd and His Dog-A Bond of Reciprocal Knowledge & Mutual Trust

Within the first page of The Art & Science of Shepherding, the authors paint a beautiful picture of the relationship between the shepherd and his dog-a bond of “reciprocal knowledge and mutual trust”. When a hiker in Provence, France, out for a day in the mountains, sees at some distance a shepherd and his herd, he may think at first … Read More

Minding Manners-Border Collie Training

Moses and Kai Border Collies have a strong herding instinct which makes them very sensitive to movement. When training on sheep, this desire to gather and move sheep is carefully nurtured by the shepherd. For a young pup, a swishing broom, a hoe cultivating the garden, a hand pulling weeds, a skirt blowing in the breeze, or a cat walking … Read More

Border Collie Training III-Hikes

Hiking Big Deer Mountain This past weekend, we took Kai for a hike in Groton State Park. An important part of Kai’s training involves exposing him to different settings, sights, and sounds. On our 6 mile walk he greeted many other hikers, encountered thousands of new smells, even met a few other dogs. Through all of this, he develops trust … Read More

Sit, Stay, Lie Down-Border Collie Training

“Kai, sit.” “Kai, lie down.” Kai sleeps at my feet as I write. He takes a morning nap each day after our long walk in the woods. Kai will be 12 weeks old in just a few days. At this point in a border collie’s life, lots of play time is important, but basic obedience training takes a priority. We … Read More