The Mystery Behind Gotland Gray Curls

  Part of the reason I went to Gotland, Sweden was to learn about the mystery behind the beautiful Gotland gray curls of wool. Gotland sheep in Sweden are known as, Pälsfår, or pelt sheep. Shepherds raise their sheep primarily for their pelts, which command a high price. Every shepherd we visited sold their lamb pelts in their own farm stores … Read More

Knitting with Gotland ~ Loft and Warmth

Loft and warmth, that is how I would describe my latest knitting project. At last, I found the time to join in on a Fringe Hatalong. A friend nudged me to knit the Hermaness by Gudrun Johnston-I would knit it in my Gotland worsted weight, and she would knit it in her Bluefaced Leicester. So I cast on, excited to … Read More