The Shepherd and His Dog-A Bond of Reciprocal Knowledge & Mutual Trust

Within the first page of The Art & Science of Shepherding, the authors paint a beautiful picture of the relationship between the shepherd and his dog-a bond of “reciprocal knowledge and mutual trust”. When a hiker in Provence, France, out for a day in the mountains, sees at some distance a shepherd and his herd, he may think at first … Read More

Dandelions, Lambs and Grazing~Transitioning to Pasture

Dandelion blossoms fill the field across the road, leaving yellow faces on our Romney and Gotland sheep. In the early spring, we use this field to reintroduce the sheep to grazing after the long winter of eating hay. It takes about two weeks of going back and forth from the barn to the field, eating the lush grass a little … Read More

Ask the Shepherd~Livestock Guardian Dogs with Hannah Smith

Part II~Protecting Your Flock-LGDs In my first post about guard animals for livestock, we explored protecting your flock of sheep with the use of miniature donkeys. Today, I have asked Hannah Smith of Vinegar Ridge Farm to talk with us about LGDs or Livestock Guardian Dogs. I first met the Smith family at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival about 11 … Read More

Ask the Shepherd ~ Guardian Animals with Jennifer King

Throughout the years, I have had many people ask me questions about guardian animals for their flock of sheep. Llamas, donkeys, and certain breeds of dogs all make excellent guards against outside predators. Each guardian animal has their own unique way of protecting their flock. Before purchasing a guardian, I suggest learning as much as you can about each one, … Read More

Lambs, Spring, and Sweaters

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Lambing season brings out my nesting instincts. Every year, just before lambs arrive, I go through this ritual of preparing for the new lambs. The barn has been swept clean. The lambing pen has been set up, ready to welcome the new lambs to the farm. I have readied my lambing kit, restocking, ordering, and taking inventory of my supplies. … Read More

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