Combining Sheep and Alpacas on the Same Farm {guest post withTerry Miller}

Fiber farming is sort of like eating a bag of Oreo cookies…it is hard to stop at one. The first cookie fills your senses with all of its goodness, the sweet scent of chocolate and the perfectly round dab of white cream filling between two crisp wafer cookies. I never even go down the cookie isle in the food store, … Read More

Dreaming of Your First Flock of Sheep?

Are you dreaming of owning your first flock of sheep one day? If so, read this first. When the calendar marks the first day of Spring, our thoughts turn towards the hope of summer, gardens, and a longing for new life. This time of year, I receive many inquiries about lambs from people who want to start their own little … Read More

Lamb Sweaters

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  Jenny graciously models my newest lamb sweater! Ok, this is becoming addicting. These little sweaters are so fun to knit! My kitty, Jenny, is not too sure about her new modeling career. She will be glad when lambs are here and she can stop being my model!

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