The Challenge of Keeping Two Breeds of Sheep

About 18 months ago, we made the decision to transition over from raising Romney sheep to raising Gotland sheep. A little over a year ago, our small starter flock of Gotland sheep arrived to our farm. Looking back, it was, and still is, an extremely difficult process, and I am learning the challenges of keeping two breeds of sheep. Selling … Read More

New Shepherds Fill Your Knitting Bag

Last spring, we made the decision to reduce our Romney flock of sheep and to begin a process of switching to Gotland sheep. Last summer, we began selling our breeding ewes and finding new homes for those sheep who could no longer be bred, making room for the new flock of Gotland sheep that would arrive to our farm in … Read More

Sheep Secrets

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Have you ever wondered what your sheep talk about? I mean, we all know that they talk to each other, right? What are they saying? I caught little Idris telling her Aunt Chloe a secret the other day….wonder what she said!! Psst….Auntie Chloe….