Ask the Shepherd-Do Gotland Sheep Shed Their Wool?

A few weeks ago, someone asked me the following question: Many of the short-tailed breeds are able to be “rooed” yearly due to a natural rise in their wool. Do you know if Gotlands could do this if they were not sheared in the spring? This is an interesting question, which I myself, had also wondered. While visiting Gotland island this … Read More

Fårö – Home to Gutefår

Visiting Fårö Island, home to Gutefår (Gute sheep), is like stepping back in history. Undeveloped by man, this northern most tip of Gotland, Sweden remains much as it was centuries ago. The island’s landscape, molded by time, weather, and beast alone, tells its story. Its rocky coast has been sculpted over centuries by wind and ocean, leaving behind limestone formations. Rauks and … Read More