One Last Look at Autumn

When we moved to Vermont years ago, I remember that our first significant snowfall was on October 5. Winter had come early that year, and would linger far into the spring. The next year was the same, bringing early snows and subzero degree weather early in the winter season. This year, autumn is lingering. The display of beautiful colors and … Read More

Reporters Beware!

Reporters beware! If you come to our farm in the spring, you just may have trouble getting your work done. A couple of weeks ago, a freelance reporter, Tammy Donroe, visited our farm on a fact finding mission. I began by showing her our Farmhouse Suite that we rent to overnight, farmstay guests. She took notes diligently as I told … Read More

Vermont Spring-A Season of Contradictions

I was born and raised in the south where spring ushered in green grass, flowers, and warm weather. Then, I moved to the north, where my preconceived notions of what each season represented was challenged. Vermont spring is a season of contradictions: warm temperatures-frigid temperatures delightful blue sky-gray snowy sky beautiful daffodils-sad droopy daffodils green fields-white fields open greenhouse-close greenhouse … Read More

The Floating Bridge~One of Vermont’s Hidden Secrets

Guest Post by Anna Goodling The Floating Bridge~One of Vermont’s hidden secrets, lies in the small Vermont town of Brookfield, affectionately called “Pond Village” by the locals. The New England village is located along one side of Sunset Lake, its houses and barns hugging the shoreline. The whole village is miniscule – perched there on the edge of the lake, … Read More

Three Pizza Recipes From Our Wood-Fired Oven

My husband is a good sport. He married a visionary, and I am not sure he fully understood what that meant when he married me.  I constantly look at things from a different viewpoint than most other people. I tend to see the potential in something, and have a vision for what it could be.  About five years ago, I … Read More

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