My Gotland Wool Shawl – Knit While Visiting Gotland Island

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Knitting soothes the souls and clears the mind, bringing a sense of calmness and peacefulness. I crave knitting time, as I find it relaxing and soothing. When I set off on vacation to Europe, 3 weeks ago, I took knitting needles and yarn with me. About a week into our stay in Germany, I took a day off from touring … Read More

Knitting Lace Shawls-Tricks of the Trade

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I once had a musician tell me the key to singing barbershop harmony was minding your own business, staying focused on your own voice, and not getting confused by all the other voices around you. I find this bit of advice holds true to knitting lace. While knitting the Hermaness Hat for Karen Templer’s hatalong, I did as much unknitting … Read More