Guard Llamas….My Friend – My Protector

Alaska, our guardian llama, is really an independent soul. Her motto has always been, “Look-but don’t touch.” She prefers to eat her hay and grass without the sheep underfoot and she prefers to lay down and relax away from the flock. Every year, the lambs have to learn how to live with their giant friend and protector. Alaska lets them … Read More

Ask the Shepherd~Livestock Guardian Animals Part III~ Guard Llamas

Guard Llamas This post ends a series on livestock guardian animals. We have interviewed shepherds who use miniature donkeys and shepherds who use livestock guardian dogs, and today, I will share some thoughts on guard llamas. We have one guard llama who lives with our sheep year round on our farm. Since bringing her to VT Grand View Farm, we … Read More

Llama Ears

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Ears Up-Happy Llama Much to the surprise of many, I loved it when my children entered their second year. I did not buy into the “terrible twos” mentality. A two year old puts their emotions out in front, no one ever needs to guess how a toddling two feels and I see this as a good thing. They have extreme … Read More