Favorite Posts of 2016

With 2016 drawing to a close, I thought I would take a peek at which posts you gravitated to the most in 2016. So here they are: Top Shepherding Posts How Can Sheep Survive Bitter Cold Weather-with Vermont winters, our flock must withstand snow, ice, and sometimes subzero weather. Here I shared the unique qualities that allow sheep to adapt … Read More

Passions Unite People

  When I stepped off the plane on Gotland island, Sweden, I felt my whole body relax. The air was full of salty mist, ocean breeze, and sea weed. We were greeted with open arms by a Swedish friend I had made via instagram. She unexpectedly met us at the airport, embracing us with Scandinavian hospitality, maps, and a bag filled … Read More

Fårö – Home to Gutefår

Visiting Fårö Island, home to Gutefår (Gute sheep), is like stepping back in history. Undeveloped by man, this northern most tip of Gotland, Sweden remains much as it was centuries ago. The island’s landscape, molded by time, weather, and beast alone, tells its story. Its rocky coast has been sculpted over centuries by wind and ocean, leaving behind limestone formations. Rauks and … Read More

Off to Gotland Island and Beyond!

Home is now behind you, the world is ahead! – Gandalf We are off to visit our daughter in Germany to see castles, cobblestone streets, cafes, and cathedrals. Then we head to Gotland Island, Sweden to visit with shepherds and attend a ram auction, to learn as much as we can about Gotland sheep. I promise to share lots of … Read More

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