Rug Hooking Sheep-The Easy Way

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Rug hooking has always looked so tedious to me, with all those tiny strips of fabric pulled through a piece of cloth, forming intricate patterns, details and pictures. Though I love the result, the process seemed intimidating, until a few weeks ago, when I discovered hooking with washed wool locks. I am working on my second piece. Before deciding on … Read More

How Can Sheep Survive Bitter Cold Weather

I am often asked how my sheep can survive the harsh Vermont winter weather. Temperatures in our area often hover in the single digits with spells well below zero at times. Snow piles high around the barn, and cold winds blow frequently. With proper shelter and feed, our sheep have no difficulty with these winter conditions and cold temperatures. Proper … Read More

Three Things You Need to Know About Living with Rams

Living With Rams To maintain a peaceful existence with your rams, there are just a few things you need to understand about them. Peeking At the Rams Through a Hole in the Fence 1. Rams need friends. Often people forget that sheep need other sheep. They will put their ram in a field by themselves when not in with their … Read More

A New Twist to Rug Hooking

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My grandmother loved rug hooking. She always had a large round frame with a project on it of intricate patterns and colors. I inherited her device for cutting thin strips of wool fabric. Years ago, I set out to learn how to cut my own fabric. I never learned how to use the strip cutter properly though, as my fabric pieces would … Read More

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