So Many Hats-Part Two: the Felting Process

Guest post by Anna Goodling.  Yes, we did it again. Yesterday my wonderful and distracting-in-the-best-way Mother and I returned to the fiber studio to felt, when I should have been reading Rene Girard and preparing for summer research back on campus (which starts in little over one week! Eep!). We experimented a bit more boldly this time, creating our own patterns … Read More

So Many Hats | Between Horizons

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~Guest Post by Anna Goodling~ Living on a farm has uncounted benefits–free-range chickens keep the bugs down; there are always cats lolling in the sun, just waiting to be stroked; the sheep are never too far away to go hug. One learns to trust one’s reflexes when it comes to catching the greased lightning that is an escaped pig, and discovers … Read More