Twelve Reasons Why You Might Be a Shepherd at Heart

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They say that people in the same profession often share common traits and interests. Over my years of shepherding, I have certainly found this to be true among sheep people. So if you are wondering if you just might be a shepherd at heart, read on. Here are twelve reasons why you might be a shepherd at heart: you walk … Read More

Three Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Shepherd in Your Life

Do you need some last minute gift ideas for the shepherd or farmer in your life? Here are a few things I would not want to live without! Practical work clothes-I wore through numerous pairs of jeans before finding a pair of work pants that fit me well. Most work pants are not made for women, but Arborwear has perfected … Read More

Guest Post by Emily Abroad: Gotland I: Cottage

Travelogue LIX: Gotland I: Cottage: Guest posting today is our travel companion and daughter, Emily Goodling. With camera in hand, Emily shares part of our journey to Gotland Island with you. September 19, 2015 My dear parents are visiting from Vermont, and the last stop on their journey is a week on Gotland, a tiny island off the coast of … Read More