The Natural Instincts of Border Collies

Border collies just instinctively know how to work sheep, right? Wrong. It is true that border collies have particular instincts which help them work with sheep and make them trainable, but they are not born already knowing how to work with a shepherd. The Border Collie Rescue website explains the natural instincts of the border collie: The herding instinct in … Read More

Farmer’s Market, Dinner Parties and Puppies-Border Collie Training II

A friend invites Kai to sit on her lap. So what do farmer’s markets and dinner parties have to do with border collie puppies? By exposing Kai to a variety of settings and a variety of people, he learns much about his world and his place in it. This early training will carry over into his adult life providing him … Read More

Sit, Stay, Lie Down-Border Collie Training

“Kai, sit.” “Kai, lie down.” Kai sleeps at my feet as I write. He takes a morning nap each day after our long walk in the woods. Kai will be 12 weeks old in just a few days. At this point in a border collie’s life, lots of play time is important, but basic obedience training takes a priority. We … Read More