Vermont Winter ~ Posting with Anna Goodling

Last week, winter raged with wind and snow, making fences grow shorter and hay feeders disappear. The distant mountains were white on white and the snow plow left a swirl of snow behind it. Friends and relatives sent messages that read, “I know you’ll be glad when spring arrives.” or “Stay inside where it is warm.” They do not understand … Read More

Boomerang Child~Posting with Anna Goodling

She gave her daddy a boomerang for Christmas, a photograph of herself with a little smirky smile taped to the front of it. “Sorry,” she said as he opened his gift. After being away for 4 1/2 years, seeking knowledge and seeing a different part of the world, she came back – the boomerang child. She wants to experience Vermont … Read More

So Many Hats | Between Horizons

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~Guest Post by Anna Goodling~ Living on a farm has uncounted benefits–free-range chickens keep the bugs down; there are always cats lolling in the sun, just waiting to be stroked; the sheep are never too far away to go hug. One learns to trust one’s reflexes when it comes to catching the greased lightning that is an escaped pig, and discovers … Read More

The Floating Bridge~One of Vermont’s Hidden Secrets

Guest Post by Anna Goodling The Floating Bridge~One of Vermont’s hidden secrets, lies in the small Vermont town of Brookfield, affectionately called “Pond Village” by the locals. The New England village is located along one side of Sunset Lake, its houses and barns hugging the shoreline. The whole village is miniscule – perched there on the edge of the lake, … Read More