Handsome Boys for Sale… It amazes me how quickly our lambs grow every year. Yesterday I went into the pasture to try to capture some pictures of the lambs. My boys seemed especially interested in posing for me. I would like for you to meet Custer. He is a pure bred natural colored Romney ram lamb born April of 2008. … Read More

Fedora and Azalea This past lambing season we had some lambing issues arise in one of our breeding lines. We realized that these girls should not be bred again for their own safety. It was a sad realization because we have a special fondness for these girls, Fedora, Azalea, and Blossom. In early April, after they had lambed, I began … Read More

Marigolds and Queen Anne’s Lace I love this time of year when all the wildflowers are in bloom and the garden is dotted with color from Cosmos, Calendula, and Marigolds. My children know that I may pull the car over to the side of the road at any moment to stop and pick flowers. Then, whoever happens to be with … Read More

Yarn CSAs in the Mail Today, I packaged up our first shipment of yarn CSA orders! It was very exciting to put these boxes in the mail. The money from our yarn CSA program goes directly to the care and feeding of our animals. It also helps us pay for the wool processing fees at the mill. We are so … Read More

Black-Eye Susans Black-eye susans dot the fields and roadsides around our farm in abundance. Every summer, I collect the flowers to use as a natural dye for our yarn. I pull the flowers off their stems and boil them in water to make a dye bath. As the flowers boil, the water turns a dark black. It is difficult to … Read More

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