Autumn Harvest Autumn is one of my busiest seasons. We begin our home school year right as the garden peaks and farm chores abound. I find my days very full and I often feel as though I run through each hour of the day. This year’s tomato crop has flourished bringing a steady flow of tomatoes for over two months … Read More

Summer’s Harvest This summer’s harvest didn’t just include vegetables from our garden. It also included the herbs and flowers that grow in our meadows and along the road all of which were used for dyes! There are just a few skeins left in my basket which have not sold yet.

The World is Our Classroom As home schoolers we have learned to be very resourceful, viewing the world as our classroom. This fall we were blessed to find three caterpillars eating our dill. My son brought them into the house and put them in a large jar with all of the dill they could possibly eat and a stick. For … Read More

Ahhh……Vermont! We love it for its: beautiful mountains cool lakes crisp air vivid green dark nights bright stars rich black soil wildflowers peace and quiet maple syrup snow (yes….I said snow) mud season maple cremes skiing farms summer markets charm amazing fall colors state parks small towns old farmhouses historic barns quiet dirt roads…

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