Gotland Gray Curls

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Curls fall under the blade of the shearer, leaving behind a lustrous sheen on the ewe. Her first time shearing a Gotland sheep, the shearer comments on the slick black legs and lack of belly wool. Charcoal gray wool lays in a thick blanket on the barn floor as the ewe stands. Distinct curls twist and dangle as I gather … Read More

Walk…Relax…Stay Nourished…Focus

Walk…Relax…Stay Nourished…Focus on Relaxed Breathing…Make Your Nest and Push… For ten years, I taught Bradley Method Natural Childbirth classes. In my classes, I helped couples learn how to work as a team during labor. Each week we worked on learning a new relaxation technique, we taught dads how to encourage and “coach” the moms through contractions. Dads learned the needs … Read More

Shear Bliss

Chloe Enjoys a Good Back Scratch   Several of the ewes gathered around the outdoor hay feeder in absolute bliss as they scratched and rubbed on the side posts. Moments earlier, our shearer had worked her magic, clipping all of the wool from each sheep and exposing their skin, which had not seen daylight since shearing a year ago. The … Read More

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