Gotland Sheep Yoga

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The time has come. The Gotland rams discovered their ewes on the other side of the fence. Upon letting the Gotland ewes out with the rest of my flock, they quickly caught the attention of the rams. Either I stand at the common fence and wave my arms and yell at the rams all day, or we come up with … Read More

Gotland Ram Seen Running Down Main Street!

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Friday morning, I received a phone call from Ron, our livestock transporter. He had spent the past three weeks in intimate quarters with our new flock of Gotland sheep, as he meandered across the United States with them in his livestock trailer. He was calling to say he was sitting in the village only 6 miles away from our farm. … Read More

The Journey of the Gotlands-Part 2

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A modern day Noah’s Ark I guess it is sort of like a modern day Noah’s Ark,” a friend said after I explained how my new flock of Gotland sheep were getting from Oregon to Vermont. I sat and pondered the picture this brought to mind of my sheep riding in the livestock trailer as if in Noah’s Ark, surrounded … Read More

OPP-Ovine Progressive Pneumonia in Sheep

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Every shepherd dreads the thoughts of OPP (Ovine Progressive Pneumonia). OPP is one of those diseases that enters your flock quietly. The symptoms subtly creep in, and before you know it, you have an infected, unproductive flock. This past summer we began a process of downsizing our Romney flock so that I could bring in a flock of Gotland sheep. … Read More

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