OPP-Ovine Progressive Pneumonia in Sheep

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Every shepherd dreads the thoughts of OPP (Ovine Progressive Pneumonia). OPP is one of those diseases that enters your flock quietly. The symptoms subtly creep in, and before you know it, you have an infected, unproductive flock. This past summer we began a process of downsizing our Romney flock so that I could bring in a flock of Gotland sheep. … Read More

Road Trip!

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Cozy Quarters The sheep and I are on the road…though not traveling together. I am in North Carolina visiting family for the holiday and our new flock of Gotland sheep are somewhere in the state of  Montana, making their way to our farm. Though I am no stranger to long distance traveling, I  never thought I would own sheep who … Read More

The Journey of the Gotlands

Awaiting Transport in Oregon Our quest to bring Gotland sheep to our farm in Vermont began eight months ago. Through the course of the summer, we sold some of our Romney sheep, making room to bring in a small flock of Gotlands. Our flock began with two young ewe lambs from the east coast. These two ewes came to the … Read More

Gotland Gray Curls

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Curls fall under the blade of the shearer, leaving behind a lustrous sheen on the ewe. Her first time shearing a Gotland sheep, the shearer comments on the slick black legs and lack of belly wool. Charcoal gray wool lays in a thick blanket on the barn floor as the ewe stands. Distinct curls twist and dangle as I gather … Read More

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