Morning Farm Routines

Most of us find comfort in routines. We find ourselves almost on auto-pilot as we go through our daily rituals, whatever they may be. Routines are predictable and bring a gentle calmness to our day. Animals, like people, find comfort in routine. In the morning, all of the animals know approximately what time I show up with hay and water … Read More

Where is My Lamb?

“Baa….baaa…..baaaa,” rings out across the field. The ewes intensify their call if I happen to be within their sight. Their complaints ring loud and clear and my heart feels their concern. This weekend, we separated the lambs from their moms and several lambs left for their new homes. Contrary to the old saying that “sheep are not smart”, our ewes … Read More

A Shepherd’s Cabinet

When I think about the first time we brought sheep to our farm, I have to laugh. We had no fence and only a small three sided shelter for them. We bought some used portable flexible netting to contain them until we could put up a more permanent fence. All we owned in terms of “sheep supplies”, were a pair … Read More

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