Black-Eye Susans Black-eye susans dot the fields and roadsides around our farm in abundance. Every summer, I collect the flowers to use as a natural dye for our yarn. I pull the flowers off their stems and boil them in water to make a dye bath. As the flowers boil, the water turns a dark black. It is difficult to … Read More

Today’s Chore List 1. Move the meat bird chicks out to pasture 2. Wash the shawl that I finished weaving last night 3. Harvest some of the wild mint that has been growing along the stream 4. List on etsy the novelty skeins of mohair that I spun this week 5. Put a roosting bar in the chicken tractor where … Read More

Mama Llama’s Spa Experience Today did not start off as a good day for Mama Llama. Today was her shearing day. Mama Llama does not particularly enjoy being sheared. In fact, she becomes quite agitated when being sheared. In the past, she has been so naughty that the shearer has not been able to shear her entire body. This was … Read More

New Babies! What seemed to me as just a hole in the barn wall became a home and nest for one of our broody hens. Diligently, she laid a clutch of 10 beautiful blue eggs in the barn wall where one of the boards had come loose and fallen off. This hen is an araucana which lay blue and green … Read More

Rhubarb….Glorious Rhubarb

One of the first fruits of our garden every spring is rhubarb. I remember as a child strongly disliking rhubarb. I couldn’t imagine why people thought it a tasty treat. Now, I long for rhubarb season. What can you do with rhubarb? Well, there is…. rhubarb sauce for pancakes rhubarb pie rhubarb muffins and coffee cake rhubarb maple sweet bread … Read More

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