Reporters Beware!

Reporters beware! If you come to our farm in the spring, you just may have trouble getting your work done. A couple of weeks ago, a freelance reporter, Tammy Donroe, visited our farm on a fact finding mission. I began by showing her our Farmhouse Suite that we rent to overnight, farmstay guests. She took notes diligently as I told … Read More

The Floating Bridge~One of Vermont’s Hidden Secrets

Guest Post by Anna Goodling The Floating Bridge~One of Vermont’s hidden secrets, lies in the small Vermont town of Brookfield, affectionately called “Pond Village” by the locals. The New England village is located along one side of Sunset Lake, its houses and barns hugging the shoreline. The whole village is miniscule – perched there on the edge of the lake, … Read More

Thank You Mary Jane!

A few folks had told me recently that Mary Janes Farm magazine had mentioned our farm in their latest issue. While waiting in the check out line of our natural foods store yesterday, I saw a copy of the magazine at the end of the counter and grabbed a copy to bring home. Mary Jane featured seven different farms across … Read More

Why Vacation on a Farm?

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The events of the past two days has caused me to ponder why people choose to stay on a farm for their family vacation and why our family opens our home, lives, and farm up to complete strangers. As I think back over all the guests we have had since this spring, there seems to be two motives behind their … Read More

The booking frenzy has begun for our farmstay guests! Though the temperature outside today felt like winter, I know that summer will be here quickly and our summer guests will descend upon our hillside farm! Our Farmhouse Suite offers two bedrooms with four poster beds, a large sitting room, bathroom, and kitchenette. The cot on the front porch offers a … Read More

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