Why Pure Breed Wool Yarn?

I have just received my first box of my very own Gotland wool yarn from the mill and have knit my first swatch. With each row I knit, I fell more in love with this yarn.  Gotland sheep come in a range of true natural gray, from light silver to a deep charcoal. This yarn, from my two ewes named … Read More

Demystifying Picking Up Stitches in Your Knitting

Joining Yarn Along and KCCO this week  to share my knitting. Picking up stitches for sleeves and necklines can be daunting and met with hours of frustration. With a few helpful hints, and a little planning, the task is not so intimidating. Basically, you need to first, calculate the number of stitches needed to be picked up, and then space … Read More

How Many Faces Do Your Sheep Recognize?

When telling someone that I raise sheep, they almost always follow with, “Sheep are really dumb animals, aren’t they?” Many people think that sheep fall at the bottom of the scale of intelligence, but after 11 years of shepherding, I know differently. We may think that all sheep look the same, but studies show that sheep can recognize and remember … Read More

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