Hello! I’m Kim, shepherd at VT Grand View Farm, and this is my over exuberant border collie named Kai.  An idea came to me while walking Kai one day. New shepherds and fiber artists often ask me questions about animal husbandry and fiber preparation. I thought it may be helpful to create a monthly feature to share this information with all of my readers. I have also come across some wonderful shepherds that I would love to introduce to you through this monthly feature. So come back and visit each month, bring along your cup of tea and knitting, and learn about raising sheep.

Ask the Shepherd


Keep In Mind: I am not a vet, and I am not a sheep expert. My advice will reflect my personal experiences raising sheep on a sustainable family farm. I advise people to develop a relationship with their local vet, seek advice from multiple sources (vet, mentors, and books), and then follow what makes sense for your situation.

Where to send your questions: You may send your questions to me via a blog post comment, or email me at info@grandviewfarmvt.com.

So let’s get started! I look forward to hearing from you and sharing my experiences of living with sheep.

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