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Felting with Gotland Curls


Felting with Gotland curls has become a passion of mine. A very special Gotland breeder commissioned me to make a felted vest using her own Gotland curls. She wanted a vest that was light weight, one that she could use for layering under jackets. She sent measurements to me and a vest which fit her well to use as a guide for the final sizing. We also consulted via skype so that I could see her and have her show me the jackets that she wanted to wear over her vest. Once all the details were discussed, the felting began!

Felting with Gotland Curls


After four days of working, the vest was completed!

It is now ready for shipping!


I am happy to work with individuals doing custom orders. Contact me at info@grandviewfarmvt.com if you are interested in having your very own curly vest!




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