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Transporting Sheep-The Skill of Fitting a Lamb or Two Into Your Car

transporting sheep
Kristi has the skill!


Where there is a will, there is a way. Transporting sheep is not a problem for most sheep people. They will do what it takes to bring home a new member for their flock! Kristi, of Harvest Thyme Homestead, is one of those crazy fiber folk. She is willing to travel the miles and do what others would consider unthinkable, to obtain another sweet woolly friend. I first met Kristi about 7 years ago when she purchased two of our romney sheep. She has a small farmstead where she raises a variety of breeds of sheep. She has a passion and love for four-legged critters, especially those with wool. She keeps a blog, sharing her life on her picturesque farm. Kristi has mastered the skill of fitting a lamb, or two, into her car. This past weekend, she made the long trip again to Vermont to pick up another sheep from our flock.

transporting sheep
Travel Buddies

This time, Kristi took home one of our lovely Gotland ram lambs. Kristi saw my post on instagram about our ram lamb named Lars. He is our 93.5% Gotland ram lamb. She immediately contacted me about purchasing him. Kristi has a flock of sheep and wanted to begin some upbreeding with her Shetland ewes. So this past weekend, she drove about 12 hours to our farm. She stuffed herself, her sister, and her niece into her small car, and brought along a large dog crate for Lars to travel in back to her farm. Her niece enjoyed getting to know Lars on the ride back.



So when your husband asks you how you will get your newly purchased sheep home, just grin and go buy yourself a large dog crate. Grab a friend or relative for the ride, and tell your husband that transporting sheep is not a problem. And just so you know… we still have gotland sheep for sale: a sweet Border Leiscester/Gotland cross wether with lovely silver curls, and an 88% handsome black Gotland ram lamb looking for ewes to breed.

Gotland ram lamb for sale
Lasse is looking for a new home!




2 Responses

  1. Kristi

    This is awesome! Fiber people have to be creative in all aspects of sheep owning and maybe a little crazy:) My niece absolutely loved the wool on Lars and he was a great passenger in the long ride back to Ohio. I am so excited to have lambs this spring! Thank you so much for this opportunity and for this post…..you are an inspiration for all those who are dreaming about having a fiber flock!

    • Kim Goodling

      Thank you Kristi! I know Lars is in good shepherding hands. I can’t wait to see his lambs. Do come back when you can stay a while and get some respite!