» » » Three Things to Love About Gotlands – Part III

Three Things to Love About Gotlands – Part III

This is the last of a three part series on three things to love about Gotlands. I have shared their fun loving and playful personalities and their sweet and loving dispositions. It is the third trait, however, that brings more laughter to our farm, their sense of curiosity.

Things to love about Gotlands – Sense of Curiosity

The dictionary defines curiosity as:

eager to learn or know; inquisitive.

Curiosity is a little different from playfulness. It encourages a desire to investigate, to learn, to figure out, and to thoroughly explore. Sometimes, these ventures of learning get them in trouble and sometimes not. Small things fascinate them and bring out their curious tendencies, like an empty bucket. Last spring, I left a bucket that I use to haul water in our paddock. When I came back hours later, I found two of our Gotland lambs investigating that bucket.

Gotland Lamb

They pawed at it…

They sniffed it…


Three things to love about gotlands

And they rolled it back and forth and even climbed into it. This play went on for quite a long time. The chickens seemed entertained by their activity. Once they had thoroughly investigated the bucket, they left it alone. Between their playfulness, loving dispositions, and curiosity-I think Gotlands are the perfect sheep for small family farms. Why don’t you come for a Vermont farm vacation, stay in our Farmhouse Suite and get to know our flock of Gotland sheep!