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Four Distinct Eating Habits in Sheep & the Personality Traits That Go With Them

Eating habits and personality traits seem to go hand in hand when it comes to sheep. Here are four distinctly different eating habits, and the personalities that go with them, in my flock of Gotland sheep.

Social eaters enjoy the company of family and friends while eating. Food is essential to bonding and social interactions. Social eaters put the needs of others before their own, always being sure to make room for their friends.

Social eaters love to share with their friends.

Over achiever eaters put themselves first. They are confident and bold and do not hesitate to push others aside to be sure their own needs are met first. They tend to be the leaders as no one dares challenge them.

Over achiever eaters push others aside.

Loners like to nibble on their own, away from the hustle of the crowd. They enjoy time to themselves and do not get tangled up in the social games of their friends. They tend to rather like their position and are content and happy.

Loner eaters enjoy stepping away from the crowds to enjoy their meal.

Slow eaters like to savor every bite. Their lives are grounded in routines which bring much comfort, security, and stability. They have a tendency to elevate themselves above others and are often seen as stubborn. They will spit on anyone who tries to disturb their routines.

Alaska the most elevated of all.


Which eating habit best describes you?