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Favorite Posts of 2016

With 2016 drawing to a close, I thought I would take a peek at which posts you gravitated to the most in 2016. So here they are:

Top Shepherding Posts

Waiting for Spring
Waiting for Spring

How Can Sheep Survive Bitter Cold Weather-with Vermont winters, our flock must withstand snow, ice, and sometimes subzero weather. Here I shared the unique qualities that allow sheep to adapt to such extreme conditions.

The Challenge of Keeping Two Breeds of Sheep-here I discussed some of the challenges of keeping two different breeds of sheep in the same flock.

Do Gotland Sheep Shed Their Wool-here I address a question, posed by one of my readers, about Gotland wool.




Top Knitting Posts

Stress Free Knitting – introduced you to a free hat pattern reminiscent of fishermen style sweaters.

An Interview with Hanna Maciejewska-Knitwear Designer introduced you to a wonderful knitwear designer that worked with me, designing the Vermont Cardigan specifically for our Gotland yarn.



Top Felting Posts

Felting with Gotland Gray Curls– where I shared my love of felting with Gotland wool.

Felting…Felting…and More Felting-where I shared some of my felted garments I was preparing for a local art show.



Older Posts Receiving the Most Clicks in 2016:

Gotland-An Island Steeped in History 2015 – With an increasing interest in Gotland sheep across North America, I am not surprised that  readers are still intrigued by reading about the little island in the middle of the Baltic Sea where Gotland sheep originated.

The Mystery Behind Gotland Gray Curls 2015 – As Gotland sheep spread across the United States, more and more fiber artists are looking for Gotland curls.

Four Things to Consider When Purchasing Breeding Rams 2015 – introduces a few things to consider when adding rams to your flock.


What was your favorite post of 2016?