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Wool Sweater Weather & the Vermont Cardigan

It’s wool sweater weather in Vermont. Smoke rises from chimney tops. Mist lays in the valleys in the early morning. The dew lies heavy on the grass, and the leaves have burst forth in full color.


I finished knitting the long sleeve version of the Vermont Cardigan, just in time. One test knitter told me that she loved her long sleeve cardigan knit from our Gotland yarn. She said it had become her “go to sweater”. Now I understand why. I love the long sleeve version. It is so comfortable and stylish. The soft halo of the Gotland yarn keeps you cozy warm too. It kept out the chill during the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival this past weekend. The neck line scoops down a bit for added comfort around the neck. Knowing I would be layering underneath the sweater, I wanted a little more room in the underarm area. So with some help from Hanna, the designer, it fits perfectly, allowing me to layer with long silks underneath for those extra chilly Vermont days.



Hanna’s Hints for adding more room in the underarms:

First you should make raglan increases acc. to instructions for your size until you have 34 sts for each front, 50 sts for each sleeve, and 68 sts for back. Normally you would proceed with separating body and sleeves.
However, if you only want to add more room to sleeve, you may only increase for the sleeves and do not make any body raglan increases.
Back should be work according to the Tulle St.
I believe it should be worked as:
R 1: k1, yo, k1; rep. from * to m.
R2: p3, slip 1st stitch of these 3 over other 2 sts; rep. from * to m.
R 3: k1, k1, yo, k1; rep. from * to 1 st before m, k1.
R 4: p1, p3, slip 1st stitch of these 3 over other 2 sts; rep. from to 1 st before m, p1.

If you would like to support our farm and our little flock of Gotland sheep, you can purchase our yarn at our online store, Gotland Wool Company. The Vermont Cardigan pattern can be found here.

Warm greetings to all from Ginny’s Yarn Along!


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  1. karen

    beautiful sweater and lovely modeling 🙂