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Sheep Transport from Coast to Coast


It was mid morning at a small town in New York, just over the Vermont border, locals whizzed by on their way to work, grabbing their coffee at the corner shop. We waited in the parking lot for a woman from Oregon named Heather, whom we had never met, driving a truck with a livestock trailer in tow. We, as well as others, had entrusted her with our sheep, to provide safe passage as she crossed the United States, providing sheep transport from coast to coast. Heather had driven practically nonstop to make the trip in 5 days time.


We stood with two other Gotland sheep breeders, one from Maine and one from Massachusetts, sharing stories, laughing, and checking phones for any final word from Heather on her arrival time. New England would be Heather’s last stop before heading west again,and it just so happened that Gotland sheep were the focus of her last drop off. While this sleepy little town went about their Tuesday  morning workday, we sorted sheep, putting them into their prospective vehicles for their ride to their final destinations.

Gotland lambs in transport
Heather hands down Gotland lambs from the top layer of her livestock trailer.


Gotland Sheep in transport
Ram lambs are harnessed and carried to ensure no one escapes at this busy intersection.


Gotland Ram from coast to coast
This ram lamb is on his way to Maine.


new Gotland ewes for Grand View Farm
This ewe looks a bit wide eyed as she is loaded on our truck for the last leg of her journey.

Once all the sheep were in their proper places, Heather gave us the health certificates for our sheep, and we sent her on her way with some New England treasures, Allagash Beer from Maine and maple syrup from Vermont. I can not think of a better way to start my day!

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2 Responses

  1. abigail mcenroe

    I got one of my mini donkeys by way of these folks who travel all over the USA. Polly came up from Tenn. With horses going to Saratoga.All had their own stalls and video camera.They were great, and kept us informed with cell phones the whole way. Hats off to the gotland transporter.

  2. thecrazysheeplady

    I’m toying with bringing some sheep in from the west coast. Would you do a long transport like that again? Everyone came through in good order?