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Farm & Fiber Art Retreat

Last week I had the joy of hosting a woman from Canada who wanted a private farm and fiber art retreat. She had been felting for a few months- exploring on her own and discovering the delight in working with wool. She wanted to move her skill to the next level, learning new surface design techniques and the use of resists. Linda traveled a full day to reach our farm to be immersed in sheep, wool, and felting for three days and four nights. She arrived with a suit case full of fiber and silks, and a tiny tote bag over her shoulder with her clothes packed inside.

Tote Bag for Clothes
Tote Bag for Clothes

Together, we worked in my barn studio for three days, exploring different surface design techniques and the use of resists to create vessels and pockets.  Linda became a member of our family, joining us for an outdoor wood fired pizza party, going out to eat, and caring for our sheep. She left with a suit case full of projects, a notebook full of instruction, inspiration, and ideas, and an endless supply of enthusiasm and love for felting.


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