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Guard Llamas….My Friend – My Protector

Alaska, our guardian llama, is really an independent soul. Her motto has always been, “Look-but don’t touch.” She prefers to eat her hay and grass without the sheep underfoot and she prefers to lay down and relax away from the flock. Every year, the lambs have to learn how to live with their giant friend and protector. Alaska lets them know their boundaries with a sweep of her long neck, or a low grumbling followed by a shower of her spit.


Alaska and Kayla
Alaska and Kayla

The past couple of weeks, I have watched this one little lamb as she has tried to edge her way just a little bit closer to the llama. While all the sheep, and llama, are taking their afternoon siesta, Kayla will get up and begin grazing. She will work her way over by the llama and graze all around her. She has learned that if Alaska swings her neck in distaste, then the best thing to do is to quickly lay low. On this particular day, the lamb laid down quite close to Alaska as she was being scolded for infringing on Alaska’s space. The two of them laid there together, nibbling grass and perhaps even enjoying each other’s company.

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  1. Amanda Barcenas

    Kayla is persistent! Maybe Alaska has found a friend.