» » » Vermont Spring-A Season of Contradictions

Vermont Spring-A Season of Contradictions

I was born and raised in the south where spring ushered in green grass, flowers, and warm weather. Then, I moved to the north, where my preconceived notions of what each season represented was challenged. Vermont spring is a season of contradictions:

  • warm temperatures-frigid temperatures
  • delightful blue sky-gray snowy sky
  • beautiful daffodils-sad droopy daffodils
  • green fields-white fields
  • open greenhouse-close greenhouse

This week is full of contradictions.


Gotland ewe lamb
Bright blue sky and warm weather!


Vermont spring
Gray sky-cold & snowy weather.


Gotland ewe lamb
Green grass…..


Droopy daffodils this snowy April day.
White grass and droopy daffodils.

So in this last week of April-I hope that our April snow showers will indeed bring May flowers, and that I can put my wool sweaters away, and let the sheep out on pasture very soon. That is not too much to ask for …. is it?