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Everyone Loves New Lambs

Everyone loves new lambs…even our border collie, Kai! Kai knew there was something new in the barn even before he stepped foot through the doorway. There were a few days during lambing, where I left Kai in the house so that I could tend to new lambs and moms. Kai saw my activity, going to and fro, and he could smell the new life on my coveralls. When at last, he was taken out to be introduced to the new members of our flock, he was overjoyed by the new tiny lambs he found staring back at him through the slats in the gate.

Kai and Gotland Lamb
First to sniff…


Kai and Gotland Lamb
…and then to lick!

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  1. Cathy Beshore

    He is a beautiful dog. It is so amazing how gentle they can be!