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Stress Free Knitting

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At last, all my Christmas knitting is done! (more on that to come) My reward-to enjoy some stress free knitting with our Gotland yarn! Last winter, I knit a handful of hats to take to festivals to showcase our yarn. Throughout the course of the year, all of my hats sold. Our Chore Time Bobble Hat, sold the most quickly. This hat, reminiscent of the gansey style fishermen sweaters, is a quick and stress free knit. Three distinctly different sections: the ribbing, blackberry stitch, and bobble section, keep your knitting interesting and engaging.

hat 2

Our 3 ply Gotland yarn, makes the blackberries and bobbles pop. The yarn blooms as you knit, with a soft halo effect. The hat is knit in the round using a size 7 needle. You can adjust the size of the hat by going up or down a size in your needle. Why not join me in some stress free knitting- download the pattern for free here, and then hop over to the Gotland Wool Company to purchase your yarn! It takes 2 skeins of yarn, with a little extra yarn left over to knit a pair of wristers!

Chore Time Bobble Hat

Welcome everyone from Keep Calm Craft On!


7 Responses

  1. Cathy Beshore

    What a beautiful hat! You are very talented!!

  2. Susan

    Thank you

  3. a little crafty nest

    Hi Kim,

    I stumbled across your blog through Nicole’s Tuesday crafting post. And I was delighted to see you raise Gotland sheep. I have one purebred little ewe, named Stella. She is pregnant this year from my Romney ram but I’d love to get a Gotland ram one day. I live in BC up in Canada and Gotlands are largely unheard of.

    I just started a pinterest page devoted to all things woolly and have a board entirely on bloggers who spin or raise sheep. Might I add you to it? If you don’t want to be included just let me know. The pinterest page is woolmaiden.

    xo Jules

  4. Alina

    Such a lovely hat and a gorgeous grey color!