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Felting With Gotland Gray Curls


Gotland Felted Vest

Joining Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm Craft On, to share my latest felting project. I spent the past few days, felting with Gotland gray curls. I set out to make a felted jacket, but had to abandon the sleeves when I realized that I would not have enough wool for both sleeves. So instead, I  made a felted vest. The vest was felted by layering silk gauze with merino wool, and topping with Gotland curls. The entire piece is then worked with soap and water for several hours. Today, I spent some time doing the final shrinking and fitting.  The sheep looked at me oddly when I went out to the barn for a photo shoot in my Gotland vest. The ewes seemed to think it odd that I was wearing their curls. They were a little jittery and curious about the whole thing. In the end, I think they approved.

Gotland Felted Vest

You too can learn to make a felted vest! I offer custom fiber art classes and retreats here on our Vermont farm to individuals, families, and small groups. If taking a multi-day workshop, participants stay right here on the farm in our Farmhouse Suite. Together, we help create a custom fiber art-farmstay experience that fits your needs and desires! Visit our website for more information.Gotland Felted Vest


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  1. Alina
    | Reply

    Oh my goodness! It is absolutely fabulous! Love it so much! I’ve never tried felting before, but I always liked the look and texture of the fabric it creates.

  2. Terriea
    | Reply

    So pretty and so warm. Just love the natural color and the curly textures.

  3. Amanda Barcenas
    | Reply

    Completely love this!!! We might have to set up something for this summer!

  4. Carie
    | Reply

    Oh what a lovely shape it has, and the colour and texture are just gorgeous too 🙂

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