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Twelve Reasons Why You Might Be a Shepherd at Heart

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They say that people in the same profession often share common traits and interests. Over my years of shepherding, I have certainly found this to be true among sheep people. So if you are wondering if you just might be a shepherd at heart, read on.

Here are twelve reasons why you might be a shepherd at heart:

Anna enjoying some lamb time.
Anna, my child who loved her blankie, enjoying some lamb time.
  1. you walk through your local yarn store touching, squeezing and even smelling all of the yarn, (Most likely, you were the child who constantly fingered the satin binding on your blankie.)
  2. you are attracted to all fuzzy animals, but especially sheep,
  3. you love the smell of hay, a warm meadow, and even a barnyard,
  4. everyone tells you how nurturing you are,
  5. you are not afraid of giving shots or seeing blood,
  6. you are in awe of the miracle of birth…no matter how many times you see it,
  7. you find yourself at every sheep and wool festival,
  8. you linger at the sheep dog demos at the fair,
  9. you enjoy leading others and being your own boss,
  10. you love learning new things on the job,
  11. you can survive on little sleep, and
  12. your decor in your house centers around sheep.

Do any of these trait ring true for you? Do we have any potential shepherds out there?


2 Responses

  1. Terriea

    I love sheep, I love the smell, I love to hear their “mair ….mair…..” sound, I love wool. So wish to experiment the life as a shepherd.

    • Kim Goodling

      The next time you are in North America, you will have to come here! Do you plan to travel to the states in 2016?