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Christmas Arrived From Gotland

Christmas arrived from Gotland, Sweden about a week before Yuletide. The postman dropped a small square box, wrapped in brown paper at my doorstep. You may remember reading about Annette at Lamm & Bi Farm on Gotland island. She and her husband own one of the largest, if not the largest flock of purebred Gotland sheep in all of Sweden. This amazing couple welcomed us to their farm and into their home while we visited in September. Annette crafts beautiful clothing with the pelts and leather from her sheep. Before leaving, she had measured me for a vest, promising to ship it as soon as it was ready.

Annette kindly asked, before shipping the box, if there was anything else that I would like her to include in the box. In jest, I asked if they could ship me about 10 of their breeding ewes. Annette promised that her husband, Dan, had included as many ewes as he could fit into the box. When I opened the box, there were two small packages on top, one with a candy cane striped piece of twine tied around it. On the top was a note that read, “This is the only way we could send you some of our sheep.” Inside, were ten of the most lovely Gotland ewes-just as they had promised.

10 Gotland ewes from Sweden
My 10 Gotland ewes from Sweden!

The other little package contained a small heart shaped ornament to hang on our Christmas tree made out of a scrap of Gotland pelt. And underneath all of that, was the vest. It was just as I had hoped, a lovely red, smelling like lanolin, stitched perfectly with Annette’s hands, and snaps that read, “Lamm & Bi”. I will treasure this vest and always remember the day that Christmas arrived from Gotland.

Christmas from Gotland
Christmas from Gotland-A Vest from Lamm & Bi

4 Responses

  1. Pom Pom

    How lovely! The vest is very nice and the 10 lambs are precious.

  2. Sylvia

    HOORAY…NOW I see what you were talking about!!! Gorgeous vest!!! I was definitely on the wrong page before!!!

  3. kelliinkc

    Absolutely love the vest. I have enjoyed reading your blog these past few months.

  4. Lisa Smith

    What a beautiful vest! It fits so well (I can see why the custom fit is important.) What a lovely momento of your visit. I so enjoyed your post about your visit to Lamm & Bi Farm; and all of your posts from that trip. I especially loved the way you described their body language in the photo they posed for.