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Vermont Summer

Woods in Vermont
I know that June brings rain to Vermont and summer does not begin in earnest after July 4. So it is this Vermont summer, the heavens poured forth rain all June. Some days it fell in sheets straight to the earth, pounding and pounding. Other days it passed in unexpected showers daring you to leave home without umbrella and jacket. Sometimes, it came in mist, which fell so lightly you almost could not tell if it was raining or not until your bare skin felt the cool wetness. Whatever its form, it came and it watered until both man and beast were saturated. Even the farmhouse felt its dampness as the chill laid heavy across our shoulders.
Mist  Filled Woods
Mist Filled Woods
Outdoors, the river banks overflowed, pushing water into forest trails and sheep pastures, leaving great pools of clear cool water with soggy leaves and slippery rocks. Mist pressed against the forest floor, enveloping the trees with wisps of white. Droplets of water hung on every grass blade, every leaf, every fern frond.
Forest Ferns in Vermont
Water seeped out of the ground with every step, finding holes in boots, wetting feet and socks. The garden sat waiting for sun to burst forth, plants struggling, leaves yellowing.
Hay Field in Vermont
Farmers complained because of wet grass in fields and empty hay lofts. Green burst forth, grass grew waist high, sheep hiding among the stems, grazing, stopping to baa in search of lost lambs.
Vermont Grand View Farm
But this morning, I woke to a sound I have not heard since last fall, the neighbor farmer’s tractor  haying the field we share, our sheep and his tractor. This sound could only mean one thing….sun! Welcome July!
Vermont Grand View Farm Sheep



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  1. Terriea

    absolutely stunning in your area with different seasons

    • Kim Goodling

      Next time you are in North America, we need to get you to our farm!

  2. Life With The Crew

    Just discovered your farm and blog through FarmStay US. Gorgeous photos in this post and lovely description!