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Gotland Ram Lambs

Jonas and Jari have grown so much since they were born mid-April! Their wool is turning a lovely blue gray, with wonderful tiny ringlets of curls. I love to sink my fingers into their fleeces and feel the silky softness. Both rams have been sold to a fiber farm, and will go to their new home in July.

Jari-91.4% Gotland Ram Lamb

Jari-Gotland Ram Lamb at VT Grand View Farm


Jari's Curls
Jari’s Curls


Jonas-92.5% Gotland Ram Lamb

Jonas-Gotland Ram Lamb on VT Grand View Farm


Gotland ringlets of curls.
Jonas has lovely tiny ringlets of curls.

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2016 Gotland Lamb Waiting List

We are already getting requests for our new crop of 2016 lambs. Contact me if you would like to be added to our 2016 Gotland lamb waiting list. Once all the lambs are born in the spring, those on our waiting list will receive first choice of available lambs.