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The Letter “L” ~ Sunday Stills

Sharing in Ed’s Sunday Stills this week. “L” is for lake. Sunset Lake lies in the center of Brookfield, Vermont, a quaint New England village. The oldest standing floating bridge in the United States spans the lake where locals come to fish and swim. A mama hippo and her baby, sculpted out of granite by a local artist, watch over the small public park and beach area. In the warm summer months, children dripping with water sit upon the mama’s back, with towels wrapped around them. Right next to the little park, a couple has turned their old home into an amazing restaurant named Ariel’s. Guests enjoy their meal on the porch overlooking the lake. A red barn sits precariously in the back yard of the restaurant. The tilted reflection in the lake reveals the many years gone by.

This little village was home to our family for 15 years prior to our moving to Grand View Farm. We hold fond memories of this little lake and its inhabitants.

 Sunset Lake-Brookfield, Vermont
Sunset Lake-Brookfield, Vermont