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Vermont’s First Gotland Lambs

As I flew west to visit my daughter in college, a new lamb arrived to our farm. I knew the night before I left that the ewe would soon deliver. She had that motherly look in her eye. My husband and son played tag team to keep an eye on her all day. As my son left for baseball practice at 2:30pm, there was no lamb, but by the time my husband arrived home at 4:30pm, a new little ram lamb was on the ground. The ewe had him cleaned off and nursing.

Meet Jari, a sweet 91.4% Gotland ram. Jari is for sale. He may be sold as a breeding ram or as a cute wool producer! Wouldn’t you like to take him home with you?

Jari Gotland Ram Lamb
Jari 91.4% Gotland


Jari Gotland Ram Lamb
Jari ~ Two Weeks Old



2 Responses

  1. Lisa Smith

    Oh, look at his sweet face! What a cutie! Jari will be a wonderful addition to his new lucky family.

  2. SonjaKuvikLoyd

    Oh my Goodness. Jari is so adorable and what lovely jet black woolly,I wish I had my property ,but thats not till July.He’s a sweetie.