» » » In Between the Seasons {guest post with the Sugar Maker}

In Between the Seasons {guest post with the Sugar Maker}

It’s a funny place-this in between seasons ~ winter leaving, spring awaiting. The hope of new life lingers long in the evening air only to be numbed by the morning chill. Excitement and anticipation fall from the tiniest branch on every tree, waiting for the sun’s warmth to burst forth life from their tips. 

And this, in between seasons, that is where I stand-on the cusp of a new beginning, feeling the pulse of arrows launched, and their eagerness to land far from the farm, to make their way in life. Today, I stand savoring this moment….cherishing moments past. At last, my sugar maker feels it too. 

From the Sugar Maker

So……you fall in love, you get married to the love of your life, you have children, they are fantastic, and you love them like crazy.

You work hard to provide a good upbringing, you buy a farm, you try to teach those children a thing or two along the way.

Somehow those kids start to grow up, the speed at which this happens takes your breath away, one by one they leave for college and the big world beyond the farm, you know this is a good thing.

But…..one spring, you realize this is the last chance to gather sap with your son, you see him walking down the road and you reflect that he has been carrying sap for ten years, you see that he is a man now and that makes you unbelievably proud, you smile and know that you will never forget this moment.

Gathering Sap
Gathering Sap




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  1. Emily Abroad

    I’m so glad I am a part of this family.