» » » A Moment to Remember~Waiting for Spring

A Moment to Remember~Waiting for Spring

Joining Soulemama today capturing one single moment to remember from this week. Spring has been slow to come to our northern Vermont farm. The animals seem to grow weary of the snow, longing for green grass.

Waiting for Spring
Waiting for Spring

5 Responses

  1. Robin

    Aren’t they beautiful!

    Erin and I went snowshoeing into the woods to find chaga this week. http://robinfollette.com/snowshoeing-for-chaga

  2. Carie

    Oh wow, you still have more snow than we saw all winter – fingers crossed spring is on its way!

  3. Anya

    At least these two don’t look particularly impatient… “Spring will get here when it gets here. I’ll just standing here waiting until it does.” Hopefully April will bring the warm weather soon. Thanks for the visit today!

  4. They look very warm and cozy! 🙂

  5. Courtney

    It looks like you posed them! Look at all that snow, wow!